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Jenny P's Triumphs and Tribulations

Say it again, now

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Jenny P
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I always try to update my biography with something clever but whenever I want to, I can never think of anything clever

I am now 27, and I haven't updated that age in three years, which apparently shows at what point I stopped feeling young. I'm old enough now to realize that joking about how drinking is fun and how I tried smoking once is more pathetic than cute, so I won't do that, either.

I graduated from University of Chicago in Chicago, IL, which made me feel inadequate both as a student and a human being.

Other than that, I enjoy eating food, swimming in water, and watching various sorts of movies, television show, or other media. Perhaps if you like me enough, you can suggest something that you think I have not seen, and would probably enjoy.

ty allherownteeth!

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If I had a penny for everything I loved about you, I would have many pennies.

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