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random thought

Horoscopes are useful, but not for the reason you think!

Today at work my office mate was sassy to our boss, and later my boss came in and was talking about how much my office mate reminded her of her sister, how her sister would cry all the time and get really defensive, BECAUSE THEY WERE BOTH LEOS.

Then, of course, she talked about me, and how her cousins were also Scorpios, and it was a Scorpio trait to play yourself down and self-sabotage and generally not think very highly of yourself.

I don't think she meant it mean, and lbr that is a very true thing about me, but as I was thinking about it I kind of realized how horoscopes are actually valuable in day to day human interaction.

Horoscopes are a way for us to criticize or evaluate each other honestly without having to actually pass judgment on each other.

Oh, you're a combative, self-righteous, but strong person. That's because you're a Libra. Oh, you're deceitful and vindictive. Gemini.

It's a meaningless diversion. A thing everyone knows isn't actually real or true. It's an excuse to be honest with each other about personality traits and flaws without having to actually admit, I think this way about YOU, not some generic, arbitrary class of people. If I think YOU'RE overemotional and short-fused, it's an insult, but if I casually mention that Leos are overemotional and short-fused, and you're a Leo, well I'm saying the same fucking thing, aren't I.

idk, maybe this is obvious, but I think that's why the whole astrological sign thing actually exists. Or maybe not why it exists, but what its practical purpose actually is. Because I'm a Scorpio, but depending on who I'm talking to (and what Scorpio we're talking about), there certainly are a wide range of often conflicting traits Scorpios apparently possess.